Tell your truth. Tell THE truth. Please.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, or feel some tough stuff, but it is essential for our health to tell our truth. Keeping it in can kill us slowly if we are not careful, and in my opinion it simply isn’t worth it.

Keeping it in creates toxicity in us, and because we are the cells of the planet, it creates toxicity in here on Earth.

So we need more truth and healthy, safe expression so we can heal at a universal level.

Back in the day, only a few decades ago, we didn’t know that holding in emotions and (traumatic) survival responses were some of THE main culprits for mental and physical illness, but now we know. The data is there.

We have medicine in us to heal ourselves and the world. But it starts with us.

We put so much focus on saving the planet when in fact WE are the planet and WE are the most sick and unwell at the current moment, (collectively I mean).

So ya. Truth. Try it.

Release the holdings that are gripping your cells and keeping you bound to past drama and past trauma.

It’s not just telling the truth to others, it’s telling the truth to ourselves. How we connect to ourselves and honour our needs and respect our boundaries is what it means to tell ourselves our truth.