Hands down, this is one of the more frequently questions I get: 

Can I heal if I’m living in a toxic and unsafe environment? 

The answer to this question is not linear, and to make it even more confusing, the answer changes depending on a variety of factors, both inter- and intra-individual, and they are well beyond the basics that I cover in this latest vlog. 

But we gotta start somewhere, right?  

In this vlog, I break down some of the steps one can take to build internal capacity so that an unsafe and toxic environment can hold less of a grip on one’s nervous system. I also touch into working with our boundaries, and the importance of using our intention and energy to break out of old patterns of stuckness and victim identification. 

I use a new ‘boat’ analogy for this new vlog that I love. Check it out!

Irene's Musings

A few weeks back, I shared these words, ‘Feel the freeze without the fear.’ 

They went with the vlog, Understanding The Immobility Survival Response, which is one of THE TOUGHEST things to sink one’s senses into because by definition alone, immobility means that we are numbing out and shutting down, which makes it tough for our somatic senses and our higher brain thinking capacities to be both online, at the same time, while ALSO in the immobility response. 

If you haven’t taken in this piece of education and you know that fear and resistance get in your way, I’ll encourage you to put aside some time and learn. 

Be well folks and stay connected to your gut and your somatic senses!

* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

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