Have you ever heard someone say, “that person looks like a deer in headlights?” or is, “frozen with fear”? 

These words are often used to describe someone who looks frightened and is unable to move. 

Today’s video is all about how our body’s autonomic nervous system can put us into an immobility response before we even know it’s happening. 

These frozen and immobility-inducing events can be tricky to heal, and it is not always because of the associated painful memories or intense body somatic sensations and emotions that rumble around in our body and mind: It is the FEAR that is attached to the immobility and freeze that makes it stick to us. 

Watch below to learn more about the immobility (aka: freeze) response and why fear can get in the way of healing once and for all.

Irene's Musings

I recorded an impromptu video two weeks back that I’ve titled, The Importance of Looking Both Ways. This short video has a sprinkle of theory, some practical, and some good outdoor views too! 

I wanted to share with you today in case you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel (be sure to ‘sub’ if you haven’t already so you don’t miss these). 

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