Got a question for you: 

How do you think it’s possible for a professional gymnast, a baby that got yanked out of the birth canal with forceps, an infant that was physically abused, a person that grew up in a war torn country, and a child that was constantly shamed and told they weren’t good enough, to all end up with the same chronic illness later in life, even though their past traumatic experiences were different?

This week’s video dives into this, have a watch. 

A few more thoughts on today’s video ..

To help explain how our nervous system gets thrown off and can spiral into chaos as a result of unhealed old survival stress (aka: stored trauma), I use the visual of an orchestra and its conductor, and how without the conductor, not a lot of organized, beautiful music arises, but rather chaos and cacophony. 

The bottom line here is that the nervous system doesn’t know what kind of adverse, abusive, or big scary event is taking place: all it knows is that something bad is happening, and protection and survival must go into high gear. 

* * *

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