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Got another special guest interview for you today, and it might be a dicey one for some, but let’s go with it, and learn about this unique story of healing, shall we? 

Meet Sarah Kleiner (aka carnivore yogi). 

Sarah’s story is all about healing cellular inflammation and autoimmune troubles (gut, skin, etc.) by shifting to a carnivore (animal protein) based diet. 

I know this might seem a little insane for some, and even she mentions this is not about dogma and being on this indefinitely, but I found her healing story fascinating and wanted to talk to her about it.

We also talk about her current work, the people she’s met as a result of this carnivore diet, healing cancer with this dietary regime, and some other topics that I think you might like. Have a watch. 

Interestingly enough, my masters of science research work was all about studying the effectiveness of red meat consumption and high-intensity resistance training in older adults, so this topic is not unfamiliar to me. That was way back in 2000! 

(If you ever want to read my dissertation and check out what I found, it lives on my website, near my credentials, which you can find under the ‘about page.’)

Irene's Musings

This quote was a hit on my social feeds the other week, so I thought I’d share with you here too!

going carnivore

Here’s the caption that went with it: 

Do not underestimate building foundation in the nervous system. Doing so rebuilds the nervous system, so we can more easily release past traumas and hurts.

Much nervous system health to you!

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Resources Mentioned In The Vlog:

Visit Sarah’s site: https://carnivoreyogi.com/recommended-links/

Paleo Medicine site: https://www.paleomedicina.com/en

Dr. Cate: https://drcate.com/

Bikram Netflix Documentary Trailer: https://youtu.be/AbsaUHdxGHg