I’m thrilled to bring you round three with my good friend, mentor, and expert on all things soul and spirit, Chris Dierkes.

In our most recent chat, we start off our conversation around the uptick in folks moving towards plant medicines and other psychedelics for healing (plus the potential issues with this).

We meander through topics like the rise in social media and its impact on us, the potential dangers with groupthink, why staying sovereign is uber important right now, and we even go way back to a historical figure, a saint!, who dates back to the fourth century, Have a watch.

If Chris is new to you, then be sure to have a listen to our two previous interviews, Meditation & Mindfulness 101 and Healing A Hurt Soul & Finding Sovereignty (this chat from 2020 is a great one to learn more about Chris’ origin story). 

(To access all things mentioned in our chat, please know you can find them via the Show More section on the YouTube video.)

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Chris Dierkes

Irene's Musings

I shared this musings on my Instagram channel a while ago, and it got rave reviews, so thought I’d share here:

Chris Dierkes

Because a lot of these social media posts have longer captions than the quote itself, I’m experimenting with sharing these popular quotes on my Medium channel. So if you’re keen to read more, head over there.  

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