A little while ago I did a video on the importance of practical work for healing trauma at the nervous system level, and today I want to talk about the importance of EDUCATION. 

You see, they are both important. 

We could even make up a mock math equation that looks something like this:

Practical Exercises + Nervous System Education = Optimal Healing and Health

In today’s video, I share one story and one vignette to prove this ‘formula.’ 🙂 

The vignette I use brings in the trauma of having the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck at birth, and then how a toddler might try to heal this traumatic event via a behaviour that most parents might scold them for.

Today’s video might shed some light on the things our kiddos (and even adults) do that seem a little crazy, but are in fact their healing mechanisms showing up in full force. 

Check it out.

* * *

This was the podcast I was on wherein I share a vignette of how a child or infant might try to heal a trauma with play that might seem a little violent and ‘not nice’ from the exterior, but in actuality, they are trying to resolve, and rather intelligently, the trapped survival stress in their system via a spontaneous behaviour. My example was a child choking a doll in an attempt to heal a trauma of being born with an umbilical cord around their neck: