I’m re-sharing an important interview featuring my wonderful mentor and colleague, Stephen Terrell.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What this ‘bad’ behaviour actually is from a nervous system perspective.
  • Why attempts to fix or change this behaviour are often futile (and what parents can do instead!).
  • Why even parents who love their children deeply and have seemingly done ALL the right things can still have kids who struggle with nervous system dysregulation. 

Some of the most devastating messages I receive are from parents who get this nervous system education onboard only to realize—OMG, I completely screwed up my kids.

If you’re struggling to support your infant, child, teen, or adult child who suffers from behavioural troubles, addictions, violent behaviour, trouble learning, and other diagnoses such as ADD…

…I’ll encourage you to give this interview a watch: How to help anxious kids who are behaving ‘badly,’ with Stephen Terrell. 

And be sure to watch until the very end when Steve shares a personal message of hope for all parents in this position. 

Please note: This video was originally released in December 2016, and I'm re-sharing it today because the information Steve shares is SO important.