One of the messages I commonly hear from my SmartBody SmartMind program alum goes something like this: “You saved my life.” 

Just the other day, this YouTube comment floated by my eyes: 

nervous system healing

* * *

And just last week, I released a new interview with one of my alums who is certain she’d not be here if not for the SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) curriculum. 

So for those reading this who feel like they are too far gone to do this work, I urge you to click on Jenn’s chat with me and get inspired by her healing journey.

Please remember: a lot of the debilitating and chronic physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease that so many live with stems from a lack of solid and consistent early secure attachment, aligned attunement, and co-regulation from a mature parent or caregiver. This means that to heal the side-effects of this lack requires what was never experienced from the start.

What’s essential to know about these remarkable healing stories is that slow and steady creates these changes that stick year after year. Not to mention practising with consistency and believing one deserves to heal, be vital and strong. 

Biohacks, quick fixes, and magic bullets simply don’t work when it comes to restoring self-regulation for the first time in a person’s life. For example, imagine trying to teach a baby self-regulation or how to communicate in spits and spurts, or only when a parent feels like it? It would not work so well, and this is exactly the same when it comes to healing the nervous system.