Sometimes it’s the off the cuff analogies that pop up when I’m in podcast conversations which provide insight into my work that I never quite thought about, until then. 

This week’s video is me sharing a recent one of those, wherein I propose the concept:

“If a baby is unsettled and needing some soothing from a caregiver or parent, does it work to tell the baby to take a couple of deep breaths to relax?” 

I hope it goes without saying that this does not work. 

A baby is not cognitively able to take instructions like these and comply. 

But what they can do is sense a solid connection (this is what co-regulation is all about) from a more regulated mature human that gives them the signal that everything is in fact ok and safe, along with a sense of something that might go like this:

 “There, there little one, you’re ok, I’m here, what can we get you, what do you need?” 

And it is from that attunement and connection from the more mature human, and offering the little one what they need, that a deep sense of relaxation (nervous system regulation), and maybe even that deep sigh (greater breath) spontaneously arrives. 

This video dives into some of these ideas and poses the question: Can we bioback nervous system regulation? 

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Thought I’d share a popular post from a week or so back, originally posted on Instagram and Facebook:

nervous system regulation

Here’s to greater whole body resilience and CAPACITY in 2022 and way beyond!

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