The past couple of months, I’ve been connecting with participants from my online courses to hear their stories of learning, healing, and transformation. 

And I know that the word ‘transformation’ is used a lot in the health and wellness worlds, but trust me when I say, these folks are in fact transforming the entirety of themselves via this somatic and nervous system work. 

Today, I have a new interview chat to share. Meet Raven. She is one our SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) alum. We connected via social media, after she saw a post of mine that expressed my worry about certain ‘nervous system’ training techniques that only focus on specific parts of the brain (in this case, it was the limbic system). 

I will let you listen to her tell her story, but suffice it to say that she didn’t find success – nervous system regulation – via such specific techniques. 

She did, however, find a world of healing repressed traumas from her former job as an oncology nurse, new body sensations that she befriended, deeper intuition, new pastimes (sailing!), and essentially greater freedom, via her studies within the education and practices of the SmartBody SmartMind curriculum. 

It all connects! 

Which means to shift out of our anxiety, mental stress, depression, chronic illness, and the myriad of ‘things’ so many live with on a daily basis, we cannot just work with one brain part, or one organ, or one thought process. 

It comes down to working with the ENTIRETY of the human system, and also reconnecting it with the outside world. This is what real ‘stick to your cells’ nervous system regulation work is all about. 

Towards the end of our chat she said,

“Anxiety is energy. But it is misplaced.” 

Well said, Raven. 

Have a listen, folks. 

Extra Resources to Complement the Vlog:

BOOK: Irene mentioned Dan Siegel in their talk. She can’t find the exact reference she mentioned, but recommends his book, Mindsight.

SONG: A song Raven wanted everyone to know about is, Blue Sky Mind, by Trevor Hall