While it is impossible for me to meet and interview all those who have had remarkable healing journeys via the online work I’ve birthed over the last seven years, I find that the ones I DO have the opportunity to have conversations with (and of course get to know a bit more), are those who have a story that must be told. 

Today, I have one of those stories. 

Meet Selden

She and I spoke earlier this summer about her life-changing “autoimmune” healing shifts that took place after she moved through the SmartBody SmartMind curriculum. 

What was the “life sentence” she was given? 

Lupus < 

What was the thing that triggered her system to shut down initially? 

Childhood abuse <

In many ways, her story is a textbook story of early stress and adult onset illness. 

By that I mean, it is exactly what the researchers of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study uncovered: there is an unequivocal connection between early childhood adversity (chronic stress, abuse, neglect) and adult illness of all kinds. 

If you’re living with any kind of condition that has been deemed “life sentence,” or if you’ve been told that it can only be managed to a certain degree with no hope of vitality in your future, then I hope you take some time this week to watch our chat. 

I mentioned a story like this a couple of weeks back when I released an interview chat with one of Selden’s SBSM peers, Sandra, and her epiphanies connecting the dots with her diagnoses of Type 1 diabetes – something she calls emotional diabetes – and the early adversity she lived through and with. Be sure to check that out if you missed it