Are you interested in creating consistent vitality in your life? 

I ask this because today I have a special guest who specializes in helping folks, typically women* in their forties and up, create more well-being through the power of consistent practices and various shifts in mindset and behaviour, leading to results that do in fact stick. 

*And guys, don’t run away just yet! This talk with my guest directly applies to you as well!

Meet Courtney Townley of the Grace and Grit podcast. I wanted to have her on and share her knowledge and business with you, because I know how important exercise, movement, mindset and behaviour changes are. I no longer have a practice directly in these realms (once I did, and I talk about this in our chat!). 

The other good news about Courtney, is that she is trauma and nervous system-informed via my online program, SmartBody SmartMind.This means ALL that she teaches, be it in group, or privately, comes with these lenses, which is incredibly important when it comes to shifting patterns that are keeping us unwell and are most likely a result of unhealed trauma. Said simply: she is my go to if someone is interested in improving their fitness, strength, behaviour, and overall lifestyle. 

I really enjoy our conversation and I hope you do as well. Have a listen

Another fun fact is that her podcast was one of the first shows I was ever on, and I’ve linked all our past talks below.

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