Today I have some NEW learning for you on a topic that keeps coming up—teeth grinding and pain in the jaw and upper neck. 

For some folks, this can be traced back to old dental trauma. For others, it’s a buildup of stress from the daily grind (pun intended), that never gets the chance to fully express or release.

Play with me here. How many times TODAY have you: 

  • wanted to speak up but didn’t
  • held back tears, a scream, a growl (yep, we’re mammals!) 
  • shut down your innate desire to move, express, or create
  • suppressed an impulse to set a boundary?

Now multiply that by a LIFETIME. That’s a lot of stored tension. And it doesn’t just go away with time, or lots of massage and bodywork! 

The good news? This can be shifted and healed. It starts with understanding what it is and why it’s there in the first place. 

Hear the full story right here.