Scroll down for the YouTube video (and we do recommend reading the mini-article here for context).

A few weeks ago, I interviewed a very special guest about his incredible journey from complex ptsd to health and nervous system regulation. My wonderful husband and colleague, Seth Lyon. 

And boy did it land for many. 

Because let’s be honest. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you experienced some form of early adversity. Whether it was insidious abuse or even the slightest mis-attunements from your primary caregiver (an inevitable reality for many of those raised in our industrialized and domesticated world)—these things add up and shape the health of the entire human system.

None of it was your fault.


It is your responsibility, should you choose to accept it, to heal. 

For yourself, the next generation, and (no pressure) the future of humanity. 

This is an incredible opportunity. (In many ways, we are the first people in human history with the knowledge and capacity to put an end to this toxicity for good!) It can also feel like a lot to carry.  

It helps to hear from those who have not only SURVIVED difficult childhoods but found a way to TRANSFORM trauma and RESTORE their health and vitality.

In this interview, Seth shares his incredible journey of nervous system regulation and healing. Including his toxic (and seemingly “normal”) upbringing and how it led to debilitating symptoms of complex PTSD, his own parenting journey and all the unresolved early experiences it brought up, his epic search (through the jungle, literally!) for healing, and how he finally became “okay in the world.” 

We also get into some parenting-related Q&As, covering topics like:

  • signs of dysregulated parenting in kids
  • our thoughts on the “peaceful/gentle parenting” movement
  • the difference between instilling healthy and toxic shame in kiddos
  • how to encourage and model healthy aggression 
  • & more!

Whether you’re a parent (or planning to become one), a grandparent, someone who works with kids, or a person struggling with anxiety, toxic relationships, or chronic “mysterious” symptoms without much insight into why…we made this video for you.

Here’s a replay of my full interview with the incredible Seth Lyon.

And if you only have time for one takeaway today, it’s this—helping our kids (and the next generation) starts with healing ourselves.