Inner work doesn’t have an expiry date

More and more, I've been reminding folks via my Q&A calls and live streams that we've been programmed to, and I generalize here: "Only take care of ourselves when something goes terribly wrong."  Meaning, we wait until it is almost too late to clean up our behaviours [...]

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Mental Health and Illness Explained

Lately, it’s been feeling like the energy around the power of the nervous system, healing trauma, emotional well-being and mental health has really been ramping up in the best possible way! But there are definitely some misconceptions out there about the connection between mental (and physical) health and stress responses [...]

Do you know what ‘Pay Dirt’ means?

. One of my students, Marva, who is in my 12-week nervous system rewire program, wrote a comment in our Facebook forum the other day, post-USA election results, and she gave me permission to share it! (Thank you, Marva!) What I love about this comment is two-fold: 1 - I [...]

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Why post-traumatic stress and chronic pain lands in some people, and not others.

. Imagine you have two people who both get into an identical, and minor, fender bender (car accident). >> Person A walks away with zero post-traumatic stress - no chronic pain, no lasting whiplash, no fear to drive and get back behind the wheel. They go back to their life [...]

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Did you know that taking a deep breath to relax is actually counter-productive?

When we are more active; during exercise, when we go up a flight of stairs or run for the bus, our breathing should increase. When we are relaxed; reading a book, watching TV or sleeping, our breathing goes down because our metabolism is slower. Why do we find [...]

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An Exercise in Attention to Safety, Senses & Breath (aka: Re-Setting Your Nervous System to the Here and Now)

It’s likely that sometime soon you’ll encounter some stress that will rev up your body’s physiology. It’s also possible that you’ve got some stress that’s still sitting in your system from yesterday, last week, last year, or a decade ago. Here’s the thing, our body getting hit with stress is [...]

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