Today, I have a NEW long-form conversation for you about earth, humanity, and the deep interconnection between the two with my good friend, Kate Kavanaugh. 

She’s a farmer, butcher, holistic nutritionist, and host of the Mind Body Soil podcast, exploring what it means to be a human woven into this earth. 

Spoiler: This is NOT an attempt to convince you to eat in a certain way or become a butcher in order to heal.

It’s so much more. 

In our conversation, Kate shares her personal trauma and healing story, and how she found her way through several “rock bottoms” in her health. 

We talk about how she broke free from chronic symptoms (including intestinal issues, anxiety, fatigue, and depression), psychiatric medications, and the belief that she was broken by reconnecting to food and the biological world. 

We also dive deep into topics like:

  • Regenerative Agriculture: What it is, why it’s so important, and its many parallels to nervous system healing. 
  • Diagnoses: When they’re helpful, when they’re harmful, and the many that Kate received in childhood that are now irrelevant—including one she hid up until recently. 
  • Holistic Healing: Why there’s no single problem or solution when it comes to health and healing, and how nature provides the perfect mirror of this complex reality. 

This conversation is raw, deep, and rich. I hope you enjoy this exploration of regeneration, healing, and restoration with Kate as much as I did.