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A few unknown causes for anxiety. (Things your doctor would never ask you.)

Awhile back, I remember listening to this business guy tell his tale about the crippling anxiety he faced growing up. At the end of the talk, he invited the audience to ask questions. I asked him if he had ever heard about how early childhood stressors, especially being born premature, [...]

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Trouble losing weight? Got an addiction? (Origins of *The ACE Study*)

This is... "An unconscious solution to unrecognized problems dating back to childhood." -- Vincent Felitti, the discoverer of The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, aka: The ACE Study This unconscious solution is carrying excess body fat. We're at that time in the year when health and wellness professionals and popular press magazines [...]

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The Burden of Childhood Trauma & How to Lift It (Video Q&A)

When I wrote this article recently on childhood trauma, I was met with questions... and, a lot of them. It turns out that what happened to us in our youth feels pretty heavy and important now that we're adults. Jen asks: So, what do you do if your score is [...]

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Childhood Traumas and Adverse Experiences: Why They Stop You in Your Tracks & Force You to Play Small

Being a self-employed holistic practitioner, mind-body expert and ‘healer’ means there are no fast tracks to finding clients, students and patients. You have to find them yourself. The irony is that many holistic practitioners, mind-body experts and ‘healers’ are often lousy at selling their services to those who [...]

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