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A few unknown causes for anxiety. (Things your doctor would never ask you.)

Awhile back, I remember listening to this business guy tell his tale about the crippling anxiety he faced growing up. At the end of the talk, he invited the audience to ask questions. I asked him if he had ever heard about how early childhood stressors, especially being born premature, or having to undergo surgery at a young age, could be the trauma that leads to lifetime of unexplained anxiety. [...]

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Trouble losing weight? Got an addiction? (Origins of *The ACE Study*)

This is... "An unconscious solution to unrecognized problems dating back to childhood." -- Vincent Felitti, the discoverer of The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, aka: The ACE Study This unconscious solution is carrying excess body fat. We're at that time in the year when health and wellness professionals and popular press magazines are finalizing their New Year's Resolution programs and pieces that will prey on those who continually struggle with weight loss [...]

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The Burden of Childhood Trauma & How to Lift It (Video Q&A)

When I wrote this article recently on childhood trauma, I was met with questions... and, a lot of them. It turns out that what happened to us in our youth feels pretty heavy and important now that we're adults. Jen asks: So, what do you do if your score is likely off the scale? I've tried every type of counselling but I just get mentally sicker as time goes on. [...]

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Childhood Traumas and Adverse Experiences: Why They Stop You in Your Tracks & Force You to Play Small

Being a self-employed holistic practitioner, mind-body expert and ‘healer’ means there are no fast tracks to finding clients, students and patients. You have to find them yourself. The irony is that many holistic practitioners, mind-body experts and ‘healers’ are often lousy at selling their services to those who need it most. Often they lack the necessary business acumen to really achieve impact. As Luck Would Have It… I grew up [...]

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