Why my students’ plants start thriving when they get regulated

2024-04-20T17:43:08-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

Many of the students going through my online courses report benefits—better health, stronger relationships, deeper sleep, greater focus, more energy, and greater connection to their life purpose.  And one that may come as a surprise…HEALTHIER HOUSEPLANTS.  As they do the work to heal trauma and restore regulation back [...]

Tell The Truth

2024-04-30T14:31:08-07:00Irene's Musings|

Tell your truth. Tell THE truth. Please. This doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, or feel some tough stuff, but it is essential for our health to tell our truth. Keeping it in can kill us slowly if we are not careful, and in my opinion it simply isn’t worth it. [...]

The environmentalist in me has this to say

2024-04-26T21:06:37-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle|

I must start with a piece from environmentalist Paul Hawken. He writes in The Ecology of Commerce – A Declaration of Sustainability: “In our pursuit of growth at any cost, we have mimicked an immature ecosystem with unlimited resources. A mature economic system would appreciate an ancient forest [...]

Smitten-with Sausalito and Spontaneity: What makes a ’30-something’ girl glow

2024-04-26T23:29:31-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, I'm Smitten-With..., Unabriged Musings: Anecdotes from personal life|

(“Smitten-With” will be a feature on The Human Groove that will speak of funky things that I come across – people, places, spaces, books, articles – basically stuff I am “smitten-with”.) I was in Sausalito back in August. These lovely mailboxes seemed a little lonely. So I took their [...]