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On Healing Toxic Shame

[The 1st image of me to the left is the subtle facial expressions of distaste; the image to the right is disgust which is the gateway emotion to healing toxic shame.] A lot of people want to know how we process and heal shame.  This is a MASSIVE topic [...]

On Chronic Illness & What It Takes To Heal From It

I remember learning about the deep roots of what causes chronic fatigue in my early years studying Somatic Experiencing. I talk about this in other videos, namely this one. When I learned about what is called, ‘The New Traumatology,’ which is the study of trauma and how it [...]

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This is the largest public health study you’ve probably never heard of

++ Promise me this one thing - that you’ll watch this video in the next 24 hours ++ . What is it? It’s a tribute to Dr. Vincent Felitti. He uncovered one of the most important findings in medical history: the link between early childhood adversity/abuse and chronic illness later [...]

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Why your “healthy lifestyle” routine needs to include healing your nervous system

'. A participant in one of my programs improved her blood chemistry, decreased her pain by 90% and reduced her inflammation. And she did it all by focusing on one thing: reducing the over-activation of the autonomic nervous system. "But what about eating healthy and exercising?" you ask. Yes, those [...]

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5 tell tale signs that your coaching clients have undiagnosed trauma (and what you can do to help them heal from it)

The transformational industry is HOT right now. There are so many coaches and wellness professionals out there who want to make a difference by helping their clients improve their lives, relationships and businesses. The act of helping others is humanity at its finest. But too many coaches get [...]

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Rainy Day Rant (Why I Don’t Like to Dumb Things Down)

. I'm not sure if I ever told you this story, so I wanted to make sure I did this week. (It involves me being in TOTAL disagreement with someone!) You'll also get a fun little peek into what goes down in my home late at night on rainy days! Take [...]

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