What do you do when you have unresolved trauma? Two types of orienting.

In this blog I’m sharing a vlog that covers one of the fundamentals for healing unresolved trauma and restoring regulation and better self-awareness back to the human system: Orienting The capacity to orient to one’s environment in two different modes - exploratory and defensive - as well as effortlessly and unconsciously going back and forth between them should, technically, be just naturally wired into our physiology. However, with untreated trauma [...]

How to avoid hurting yourself (again). Part 2 of 2.

In my last article I wrote about the strange effects of not properly recovering from an accident or injury and how sometimes the same injury can re-occur again (and again) if a few key pieces post-injury don't play out. // Why animals in the wild don't suffer "post-injury" I remember watching an African wilderness show that was following a lion family and all the domestic happenings that wild cats encounter. [...]

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Cleanse Your Body of Trauma. Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 1: Orientation

Cleanse Your Body of Trauma with Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 1: Orientation // This is the first of a series of posts titled “Nervous System Cleansing 101″. These posts are an invaluable beginning for learning about the stress response and how to gently navigate out of stressful events in order to bring your focus and your entire body back to the here and now. Basic exercises are included. Please [...]

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