Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?

(You go to sleep, it’s there. You wake up, still there. Then, you don’t hear it for years… but then there it is in instrumental pan flute form at the dentist office and bam, it’s back in your brain!)

That’s kind of how this topic of Zen Zombies & Fitness Freaks is for me.

I can’t remember when I first thought of this concept (maybe 3 years ago), but just the other week I had two of my colleagues ask me two very distinct questions that speak directly to this idea, so it sparked up my brain juices and I made this video.


In this video I dive into:

1) The importance of intense physical activity that also combines good solid self-awareness of the body (question #1), and how we tend to do not enough activity, or too much in our North American culture.

2) Why certain kinds of people tend to flock towards very calm and quiet practices (such as meditation, mindfulness and Feldenkrais), and why I believe this happens from a neurobiological level.

This video is perfect for my colleagues and the true mind-body geek who’s interested in diving a little deeper into the human condition and all its intricacies!