This latest vlog is part of an informal series where I’ve been digging into why some people heal and others don’t.

Here’s the thing, which I’ve heard on more than a handful of occasions: Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing, names this reality — that if one stays in a victim mentality, it’ll be damn hard to heal for real. Meaning, he will see and work with folks who have been through torture and adversity that you can’t even fathom or would never want to imagine in a million lifetimes…and he will always say that those whom he knows will be OK are the ones who no longer identify themselves as victims. ‘Tis true!

It goes without saying that many people have been victims of abuse and adversity.

BUT how that person faces their history and (we hope) triumphs forward will determine the success of their healing, and eventually their life.

The three main keys I discuss in this video so one can shift out of victim mentality are:

  • Working at the cognitive (thought) level.
  • Working at the level of the body posture.
  • Working at the level of the survival physiology.

Have a watch: