My latest vlog digs into a question that we get from just about all the students who are participating in my online healing programs. It revolves around what to do when we feel more sensations in our body that are intense. Put simply, what do we do when we start to feel more ‘anxiety’.

If you are brand new here, please don’t flee from this email if you are saying to yourself, “What the heck …more anxiety and intense sensation?”

I know, I know. This is not exactly what you had in mind to potentially be setting yourself up for MORE feelings of anxiety and panic, but that is why you are here and why the education, from the outset, is critical for successful healing at the nervous system level.

In this video, I answer a question from one of my students that I believe is mandatory viewing for anyone considering embarking on this nervous system healing journey.

To give you a little reminder of why things might feel a bit more intense before they level out…it is because when we’ve held all of our biological fears inside of us: those fight and flight responses (along with the intense internal experiences that come with them!) all those charges are waiting to come out and be experienced.

When we start to put in the request to our nervous system – and all the biological tissues and organ systems that it connects to – that we’re ready to do the deep digging, so to speak, and heal, they WILL bubble up to the surface. This means that the nice cozy (yet chronic illness producing) functional freeze that we’ve maybe been living with for decades or more is starting to let go of its grip (that has been keeping us “safe”).

So when my students tell me they are starting to feel more ‘anxiety’, I do a little happy dance inside because it means that freeze is lifting, the old charges are emerging, and they are shifting towards more regulation.

NOW, it is essential that we don’t flood ourselves back into more shutdown or more chaos with these newer sensations and intensities 24/7. This is why it is super, duper, uber important to go slow with this work, focus on building capacity in the system, and also see it as a long term lifestyle change, similar to how you would with eating and exercise.

To end, I’d love to share a favourite quote from Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), as it’s been on my mind as I prepare my team and myself for travelling and teaching in Europe:

“The delay between thought and action is the basis for awareness.”

Here’s to having more delays and pauses in our day to day so we can grow our self-awareness and heal at the deepest level possible.

Thank you all for being here and being on this path with me.