This a big question so let’s get right to it.  

The short answer to this question is NO. 

The long answer is in this video 😉

This is an important topic and one we are learning more and more about as get smarter and more switched on to helping humans find greater ease, healing, and peace after one traumatic event or hundred traumatic events.

When the system is still living with untreated survival stress (aka: trapped traumatic experiences), it doesn’t know if that traumatic “bad thing” happened yesterday or a decade ago. 

This means that our job – be it you as the client and seeker wanting to heal, or the practitioner who is guiding someone on their healing journey – is to ensure the path towards liberation is not wrought with more scariness than what already exists within the system. 

It is possible to make this a reality when one follows the proper sequencing of healing* and is properly trained to work with trauma at the somatic level**. 

*Be sure to check out this video and article on sequencing our neuroplastic healing. 

**I’ll be releasing a new video on this in the coming weeks so stay tuned ‘cause it’s gonna be a good one! 🙂 

I can’t urge you enough to take in those two extra resources, as well as the new video today, because there is zero need to walk this path in the way we once ‘tried’ to heal trauma via exposure therapies and talking relentlessly about our painful memories and victimization, just to name some practices that, while still used, are becoming more and more barbaric and unhelpful. 

We are maturing in leaps in bounds with the science, research, and solid somatic practices that me, my colleagues, and most importantly, my students, are putting into practice worldwide. I get tingles just typing this out. 

Stuff is changing folks and it’s a blessing to witness this revolution we are currently in. 

Please continue to be smart on your healing journey and know that the help you need exists and is HERE.