Hi there,

In this week’s video, I outline three very important steps for staying sane and somatic in stressful times.

Now, it is important to know these three steps are the EXACT same steps I’ve been teaching and preaching for 10+ years, but I think a review is always a good thing (especially right now!). I want you to pay close attention to Step 2, as there’s a sub-step that’s rarely talked about when it comes to calming nerves and de-stressing.

(It all has to do with the ‘somatic’ part of this video title!)

Have a watch of this new video and check out the details of these steps.

Irene's Musings

I shared this doodle (see below) on my social media feeds a week or so ago, and folks loved it so I wanted to share it with you here, in case you missed it.

staying sane

(And, my musings on this diagram):

This is what we have been missing: Connection. And not to others, but what this doodle is about is connection to SELF + the environment.

In the middle of all that, the little pink spot is our autonomic nervous system (more on that below).

Humans of course need some form of community connection, but we also have this amazing higher brain that allows us to run solo, but still be VASTLY connected to our creativity, our body, our environment and our spirit. We cannot, we must not, forget this.

People (can) find great peace in retreat and solitude when they tap into their internal resources. Into their biology. Into their human DNA.

BUT, and this is a BIG but here: If we are trapped in survival stress, if we are trapped in our autonomic nervous system’s stress responses, we WILL NOT find this higher evolution of humanity. We default back to pack mentality and Pavlovian conditioning.

Yes, we are mammals, and we are animals. But we are also human, and we’ve been engineered to surpass this baseline conditioning to automatic fear.

But we’ll only push through this, and grow our potential, if we wake up to this reality.