I’m thrilled to share this new interview with my good friend and colleague, Chris Dierkes. 

I first interviewed Chris back in 2017, and we spoke about what meditation is, its origins, the different kinds that exist, as well as the all too common negative side-effects that many mind-body and meditative practices have when not entered into with a somatic trauma-informed lens.

In our new long-form chat, we dig into some new territory all around the soul, spirit, and being sovereign beings.

We talk about what the soul actually is, how to differentiate it from spirit, and the utter importance of finding our own internal compass and personal power (this is what being sovereign is all about!). 

He also shares his early beginnings as a priest, working at a high-security prison outside of Detroit, Michigan and his transition to his current life outside of the church, providing counsel and guidance at the soul level. 

We also speak about the risks of too much spiritual work, and why being tethered to the physical realm – working on our physical bodies and nervous system health and healing – is essential for full human development and evolution. 

I hope you take some time to listen in full. 

Irene's Musings

To end, a reminder that …

Healing is around us and within us, and for it to activate, each individual must say YES! 

So a thousand thank you’s for saying yes, being here, and taking in my weekly emails and educational pieces. 

Your nervous system, the world, and myself thank you many times over. 

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