I wanted to do a special topic lecture on “Healing” Gone Bad because of the many emails, social media messages, and stories from my past clients and current online students, telling the tales of “healing” modalities and others sorts of trauma releasing techniques rendering them not only NOT healed, but worse off than when they started. 🙁 

Here’s one such share from Instagram: 

healing gone wrong

Now, please know that I have nothing against plant medicines and other types of practices that can help a person along their healing journey, but they should be entered into with intelligence and mind-body preparation, to ensure one can navigate the potential nervous system activations and somatic openings that can occur. 

Dig in and have a listen. 

Here are some of the topics that I cover:

7:36​ – Psilocybin and other ‘awakenings’ 

17:32​ – Plant medicine ceremonies

19:50​ – Feeling terror

22:23​ – Neuroplastic Sequencing (importance in meditation, breathwork, EMDR)

24:49​ – Calming breath

28:31​ – Depression

35:24​ – What can you do if you have done these experiences and they have been too much?

42:03​ – Energy practices

42:55​ – Spiritual bypassing

48:16​ – Thinking your feeling (but it’s all in your head)

51:55​ – Being told to ‘slow your breathing’

56:01​ – Buzzing energy when beginning this work (aggression/annihilation energy)

59:45​ – How do we know when healing is ‘too much?’

1:01:45​ – Impact of  sound on your system

1:06:21​ – Non-epileptic seizures

1:14:27​ – Learning to meditate

1:22:36​ – Can’t sit and be calm (get migraines)