I think the title of this new video says it all:

How migraines, chronic anxiety, & unhealed early trauma connect. 

What is interesting here is that we could replace the term ‘migraine’ with:

-Chronic fatigue
-Chronic pain
-Irritable bowel syndrome

As well as ‘chronic anxiety’ with:

-Depressive disorder
-Panic attack

Let me explain…

The added syndromes in the first bullet point list, and the added ailments in the second bullet point list are not all the things that could go in there, but I have them there to demonstrate that the combination of ‘migraine-anxiety-unhealed early trauma’ is not “special” per se, but is an example of “things” that for the most part get treated and worked on separately in our medical, health, and even mind-body worlds.

But, it is all connected…

This latest video connects these dots by using the examples of migraine headache, chronic anxiety, and unhealed early trauma.

Of course, as I know, and as many of you know as you learn more with me, all the things above can connect when we understand how our autonomic nervous system works, plus the side-effects of trapped survival stress (aka: stored trauma) and the dysregulation (dysfunction) that comes along for the ride. 

* * *

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