If you’ve been following my work for a while, it is possible you’ve probably heard my car accident analogy, but if you haven’t, you can find the full explanation in the first video in this complimentary three-part Healing Trauma video training.  

Here’s a quick version of it: 

Imagine two people getting into the same minor car accident. 

>> Person A walks away relatively unscathed. There are no signs of post-traumatic stress, and life goes on.

>> Person B’s life blows up—their health plummets, interventions don’t seem to help, and no one can figure out why. 

In this week’s video, we hear from Michaela, whose story serves as a textbook example of this “Person B” scenario. 

After a minor car accident in 2019, Michaela began experiencing symptoms of complex PTSD. She felt anxious, depressed, and fearful of life. She tried all different types of therapy and counseling to no avail. 

But her story doesn’t end there. In fact, today she claims that her “wildest dreams are taking place.” 

In this chat, we learn how the 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up helped Michaela: 

? Reconnect with herself & her boundaries

?‍♀️ Step away from toxic relationships

? Find a new, healthy partner

☣️ Heal chemical sensitivities 

?‍? Enhance her work with autistic adults

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Trauma isn’t in the event. It’s in the nervous system. 

The good news? Healing lives there too. 

To bounce back from life’s inevitable stressors, we must do slow and steady work to build and maintain the health of our nervous system. 

Thinking this level of healing isn’t possible for you? Soak up Michaela’s wisdom:

“It is possible to turn things around, but you will have to work for it. You can’t buy it. Someone else can not do it for you. But you can do it. I strongly believe everybody has the capacity [to heal].” 

Hear the full story right here.

 * * *

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