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Night terrors are REAL.

And they happen for a very real, nervous system-related, reason:

“I suddenly wake up, sometimes not even knowing who I am, with a fast heartbeat and trembling from the inside out.”

“I wake up feeling like I’m going to throw up and I feel hopeless. Everything feels dark, and when I think about the things that make me happy, nothing changes…”

“There’s literally nothing I can do to calm down. It makes me dread going to sleep, which doesn’t help anything.”

Sound familiar? Then read on…

Most of us don’t realize we have unhealed trauma.

Most of us still don’t even understand what trauma really is.

We have yet to master the “language” of our nervous system. 

It doesn’t help that, these days, we’re bombarded with mixed messages and straight-up misinformation about what to do about our traumaor stored survival stress, as I call it.

My mission is to cut through the reset and reboot racket and equip you with education. To help you relearn how to learn. And often, when we’re learning, we need to hear something more than once. From different angles, at different times, in different contexts.

So, I’m re-releasing my “greatest hits” from the last 3 years. Starting with this one.

This episode isn’t just one of my most popular, it’s one of my most impactful. It got huge engagement for a reason. 

Nocturnal panic attacks are actually much more common than you might think.

In this video, I talk about what these seemingly random attacks can be caused by, why they might happen at certain times of the night or morning, and what we can do to manage them.