A few years ago, I released an important special topic lecture that I’m re-sharing today—Healing Sexual Trauma (A Somatic & Nervous System Approach)

Because this topic is so broad (ranging from sexual abuse to surgical trauma involving the sex organs) and complex, this lecture landed for many. 

After decades of helping folks heal this stuff, I’ve picked up some essential knowledge about what it takes to release these old, trapped survival energies, and I want to share it with you.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Common signs that a person has experienced sexual trauma in the past.
  • Why it’s important to go slow (titrate) the work of healing sexual trauma and what “the work” entails. 
  • Things a person might experience when these types of traumas go unhealed. (Chronic illnesses, getting into the same bad relationships over and over, etc.) 
  • What you can expect when you’re healing sexual trauma at this deep, somatic, nervous system level.  
  • How to protect yourself from future abuse and become less susceptible to attack and toxic relationships. 

In short—what happened to you was wrong, how your body is responding now makes sense, AND you have the power to reclaim your life force energy. 

Regardless of where you are on your healing journey, please take your time ingesting this information. There is no need to watch this all in one sitting. Titrate the learning, step away if it feels like too much, and take good care of you.