“Pain is trapped sensation.” How nervous system work can help heal chronic pain

2024-04-20T12:39:14-07:00Pain & Chronic Illness|

Do any of the following statements resonate with you? “I kept getting physio, acupuncture, and massage. But it wouldn’t go away.” “You go to physio, you feel a bit better, you think you’re on the mend, you start doing stuff, and then the pain just comes back full [...]

Intergenerational trauma – on feeling (and healing) the pain of our ancestors

2024-04-20T15:42:08-07:00Parenting & Child Development|

“Pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it.” - Stephi Wagner Intergenerational trauma is trauma that’s been passed down through generations; also known as generational, transgenerational, or ancestral trauma.  This is never a fun one to write about, but it is true that we ‘keep’ [...]

How stored trauma creates somatic symptoms (aka chronic illness)

2024-04-20T17:34:18-07:00Pain & Chronic Illness, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

What is a chronic illness? Why do we experience chronic symptoms? What can we do to find relief?  These are all important questions.  And I provide answers (in under ten minutes!) in this vlog: How stored trauma creates somatic symptoms (aka chronic illness). Chronic illnesses abound (especially in [...]

The connections between jaw tension, teeth grinding and stored survival stress

2024-04-21T15:12:10-07:00Pain & Chronic Illness, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

Today I have some NEW learning for you on a topic that keeps coming up—teeth grinding and pain in the jaw and upper neck.  For some folks, this can be traced back to old dental trauma. For others, it’s a buildup of stress from the daily grind (pun [...]

Can this work heal autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, and other severe health issues?

2024-04-21T16:10:18-07:00Chemical Trauma & Detox, Pain & Chronic Illness|

Hi all! I get this question a lot, and so I wanted to dedicate a short blog post to it as the answer is complex. While this work can certainly help with, and even resolve these types of severe health issues, it's very important to also recognize that [...]