Peter Levine

Why Waking Up the Tiger is Essential to Break-Free from Feeling Trapped

. I received this question from a member of our community: What does waking the tiger actually mean? "Waking up the tiger" means waking up our fight-flight survival energy impulses. In this video, I explain to you where the term came from and why it's important to your nervous system [...]

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The environmentalist in me has this to say

I must start with a piece from environmentalist Paul Hawken. He writes in The Ecology of Commerce – A Declaration of Sustainability: “In our pursuit of growth at any cost, we have mimicked an immature ecosystem with unlimited resources. A mature economic system would appreciate an ancient forest [...]

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Did you know that taking a deep breath to relax is actually counter-productive?

When we are more active; during exercise, when we go up a flight of stairs or run for the bus, our breathing should increase. When we are relaxed; reading a book, watching TV or sleeping, our breathing goes down because our metabolism is slower. Why do we find [...]

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