“You can’t have the words ‘nervous system’ on your site!”

2024-04-26T16:10:01-07:00Irene's Musings, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

“Tis true, that title! Someone once told me to keep the words, nervous system, off of my website.  Funny, right?  Chances are that you are here BECAUSE you’re interested in healing (and regulating) your nervous system.  Which is awesome, by the way. But a few years back, this [...]

2 Little Known Facts to Help You Calm Down When You’re Overwhelmed

2024-04-26T20:16:41-07:00Free Stuff, Nervous System Health, Nervous System Resiliency, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

After working with clients, both in my practice and in my online courses, I’ve come to see that overwhelm and emotional angst are a MASSIVE problem in our culture. Have you heard this saying: “What we resist persists”? This is so important when it comes to helping [...]

Later Is Now. What *Are* You Waiting For?

2024-04-26T20:27:54-07:00Nervous System Health, Nervous System Resiliency, Pain & Chronic Illness, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

Being someone who works in the fields of health and wellness (or the flip-side: disease and sickness), it's fascinating to witness the habits of people when they are desperate and REALLY sick as compared to those who are somewhat stressed and *just* scratching by. The former would [...]