Some concepts are tricky to explain. Especially when it comes to how the human system heals in miraculous ways.

Anita Moorjani’s memoir, Dying To Be Me, is one account of a miraculous “cure” that science can’t explain (a fabulous book that I highly recommend!). Same with the many documented cures, over 7000, that have taken place in the south of France at Lourdes.

When we adopt a cartesian (linear, dualistic) and masculine point of view for all things healing and human, it can be tough to imagine any potential for miracles to occur. I mean, if it cannot be seen under a microscope, bombarded with energy and destroyed (a very Frankensteinian way of doing medicine and healing) … can it be real?

Is it all fanfare, or were these cures happening in conjunction with other medicine that no one accounted for? Maybe something was being hidden in the documentation. Was something left out?

My early days of science and studying the body as nothing but pure physicality are still with me, AND, as I become more practiced, see more, learn more … I’m 100% certain we are working with forces of energy that are invisible and highly potent.

Bottom line is that I believe in the power of the person.

Let me explain.

++ What prompted this inquiry is this video ++

(If you’d like to understand a working theory for miracle cures, telepathy and serendipity, as well as the type of healing — healing the nervous system and trauma — that I teach in my work, then take a few minutes to watch this video FIRST, then come back to my words.)

One of the biggest pieces we learn when we get into the inner workings of our nervous system and begin healing our traumas is that we improve and refine our intuition.

Our intuition, from a somatic nervous system point of view, is our capacity to be with our internal physiologies, our biology, our gut-sense, our body-mind-environment connections, all of US, AND then, knowing how to use our Intention and Attention with ease and purpose, and then, learning how to mix it all together into a beautiful symphony of just pure *knowing.*

Knowing when to stay, or leave.

Knowing when to eat this, or the other thing.

Knowing when to say yes, or no.

Knowing when to rest, or when to keep going.

Knowing when to … “you fill in the blank.”

You get it?

We lose our intuition (our sixth sense) when we stop feeling our insides. We lose it when we stop being aware of our environment. And mostly, we lose it when this internal-external connection is disconnected.

And when we lose this connection (between us and the world) we lose ourselves. This happens when we get overwhelmed by living in constant survival physiology.

Through constant stress.

Traumas of ALL kinds.

When our biological fear is turned on so high 24/7 there is no way to feel, let alone trust our gut.

When in this state, we are only looking for danger.

Or, all too often we BECOME the danger.

My mentors, myself and my colleagues use an interesting word when we work that deserves mention here. We will say: we need to ‘PING’ safety to them (our clients, a group, the world). Or, we want them to learn how to ‘PING’ with those in their world who are safe (essentially, to ‘find’ those people who are safe). Or, we want to ‘PING’ empathy, care, support. We want to ‘PING’ goodness.

If you’ve watched the video, he talks of these beams of energy (photons) that give us this capacity to be ‘intuitive.’ To be, dare I say, psychic.

I’m quite certain that this ‘PINGING’ we do (and teach) in the practice of deep nervous system regulation (healing trauma) work, is exactly what he’s explaining here. My intuition says YES 100%. He’s got the scientific explanation. We’ve got the practical manifestation.

We are literally re-teaching people how to harness that capacity back to their gut and cells so they can rekindle their intuition. Their sixth sense. To know exactly WHAT we need in any given week, day, minute or second, and then, to course correct in milliseconds and reroute our intention and attention in any given moment.

I believe that this is where medicine, all healing and learning, must go.

Since 1997 I’ve used the term scientuitive to depict these qualities of biology + intuition coalescing together. It seems we are approaching a place in time when more can understand this reality.

This. Is. Good. News.

Thanks for reading and considering miracles for a brief moment in time,


PS. One of the better books, I believe, that goes into this is Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Field – The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. I read it in the early 2000s when I was still in full scientific method mode! The reason it is so good is that she describes phenomena that most would label as woo-woo, or crazy, but from a scientific perspective. Things such as distant healing, group healing prayers, psychic ability, telepathy etc. The other reason I love this book is because the other term we use, in addition to ‘pinging,’ is being in the ‘field’ and why it is essential to create a ‘field’ of safety or a ‘field’ of healing when doing trauma and nervous system work. The only thing that is missing in this book, and others like it, is the importance of the body and working at the level of the nervous system.

For example, most speak of our thoughts and changing them for the better. Or, raising our vibrations to a higher place (of consciousness) that to be honest, isn’t clearly defined — and yet, when we get into this body of ours and work with it and its emotions (because that’s where emotions first take place, in the body, not the mind), then, the thoughts change, the peace of the system changes, feeling more ‘spiritual’ and of belonging changes, and then some.

It is becoming more evident as I work and learn that in order to raise our ‘vibrations’ and evolve it must be done by being IN ourselves and working with the emotions that are IN our body, because that is where they, and us, actually live.