Here we are with another month-in-review!!

I have a new video that I just had to record because it was a question that was top of mind (and it’s part of a 3-part series that will slide us into 2020). This, along with four videos to recap from the last month, official dates set for the next round of SmartBody SmartMind, plus the new 2020 Up & Down workshop schedule are all below.

There’s lots of good stuff going on in 2020, so keep on reading … 

Here’s some context for today’s new vlog:

Below you’ll see some mentions of my online offerings that are impacting many people’s worlds around the globe in a good healing way…

And with this very specific kind of learning, healing, and becoming more in tune with the body, mind, and maybe more importantly, THE PHYSIOLOGY, we can start to feel ALL the survival fight-flee instincts that are stored up and have been sitting ‘on deck’ for eons just waiting to ooze out, release, and have a party in our insides!

These ‘instincts’ (read: terrifying and unfamiliar sensations and emotions) can be like those long distance relatives we kind of wish stayed away and yet…we know they are ours because they showed up, someone gave them our address, email and phone number.

But we have no clue what to do with them because nobody taught us what to do when this happens.

Sound familiar?

So when we enter into this learning and practice of being with our nervous system and the somatic components that connect with it, and we are not used to it and what it has to tell us and show us, it is VERY possible we might feel like exiting this new found sense of being and awareness. This would be considered fleeing from the sensation and reality of what is.

The other side of this is shutting down, looking for distractions, and feeling bored because the intensity of the unknown and uncomfortable is too darn much to feel, and truth to be told, defaulting to this level of boredom and shutdown shows that we are even more ill-prepared for what our body has to tell us because the history is actually that bad and that painful (even when we had that ‘good’ childhood). This side of the coin I will cover in NEXT week’s vlog!

Today, watch this 12 minute video on why we might feel the desire to flee and ‘get the heck out of dodge’ when we start doing the practices that everyone is saying are good for us.

Vlog Posts

Online Offerings

SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) is SOON!

If you don’t know what SBSM is, I hope you learn about it today. 

You can learn more about it, our alumni’s success stories, and when we open enrolment here

I want to tell you about this NOW so you can make an informed decision and not feel rushed when the time comes. 

But here’s the thing (seriously), this program has changed lives beyond measure and I hope you take some time to read the success stories because you absolutely have this potential too. 

Workshop Updates

My 2019 Up & Down workshop season is officially complete and what an amazing year it has been. Thank you to all who came out and trusted in the work that myself and my teaching partner, Elia Mrak, have birthed! 

2020 is on the horizon and here’s where we are heading so save-the-dates:

  • June 18-21: Vancouver, Canada. 
  • August 27-30:  Montreal, Canada. 
  • September 17-20: Stockholm, Sweden 
  • September 24-27: London, United Kingdom. 
  • November 13-16: Melbourne, Australia. 

Registration will open very soon so be sure to hop over to Up & Down and join our email list so you get first dibs on registration.