Meditation & Mindfulness 101. An interview with Chris Dierkes

2024-04-20T15:36:36-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Practitioners & Professionals, Spirituality & Somatic Bypass|

Many people ask me if meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other mind-body practices will help them heal. This is a loaded question that’s difficult to answer in a few words. So today I’m re-sharing an important long-form interview with my colleague, mentor, and friend Chris Dierkes. “Meditation & Mindfulness [...]

Why my students’ plants start thriving when they get regulated

2024-04-20T17:43:08-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

Many of the students going through my online courses report benefits—better health, stronger relationships, deeper sleep, greater focus, more energy, and greater connection to their life purpose.  And one that may come as a surprise…HEALTHIER HOUSEPLANTS.  As they do the work to heal trauma and restore regulation back [...]

Consistency, self-trust & knowing when to let go for living your best life

2024-04-21T15:19:31-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Practitioners & Professionals|

Are you interested in creating consistent vitality in your life?  I ask this because today I have a special guest who specializes in helping folks, typically women* in their forties and up, create more well-being through the power of consistent practices and various shifts in mindset and behaviour, [...]

The power of clear intentions and growing our attention with Chris Dierkes

2024-04-21T16:44:24-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Spirituality & Somatic Bypass|

Two of the most important elements when it comes to somatically-based therapeutic practices (my expertise and specialty!) is learning how to cultivate the power of intention and attention.  For the work I teach my students: Intention is important for directing our awareness for self-healing, whereas, Attention is important [...]

Healing wisdom for a new world with Chris Dierkes

2024-04-21T19:14:57-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Practitioners & Professionals, Spirituality & Somatic Bypass|

I’m thrilled to bring you round three with my good friend, mentor, and expert on all things soul and spirit, Chris Dierkes. In our most recent chat, we start off our conversation around the uptick in folks moving towards plant medicines and other psychedelics for healing (plus the [...]