10 Practices for Creating a Safe Space in Your Mind-Body Classes

If you are a yoga, dance, 5 Rhythms, Feldenkrais, meditation, and/or any kind of Teacher that guides groups of people into their body and mind via movement and mindfulness, this is for you!
I’ve been a teacher of movement and mind-body awareness since 1997 so I definitely know a few things about this topic and I’d […]

Zen Zombies & Fitness Freaks (My First Q&A!)

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?

(You go to sleep, it’s there. You wake up, still there. Then, you don’t hear it for years… but then there it is in instrumental pan flute form at the dentist office and bam, it’s back in your brain!)

That’s kind of how this topic of […]

A Marriage Made in Heaven

I just got back from a few days soaking and chilling at one of my most favourite spots in the world: Breitenbush Hot Springs resort (think cute cabins without plumbing, lots of walking trails and lots of hot water and steam… ahh, the steam…). The hot springs are located deep in the woods of Oregon […]

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The Best Kept Secret In Health

I have two stories here for you.
I went on a mini pilgrimage awhile ago, which is where I filmed the video below.
But, before I tell you about this, I want to tell you about what happened to me back in the Summer of 2008. It was a week that changed the lives of all my future […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Frustration.

Could Frustration Be The New Fear?
Is fear something that you can sit with, and be with, and ponder?
Do you say to yourself, “I have so much fear around ‘xyz’ and I have to figure out how to move forward”?
I’d love to suggest that maybe semantics are messing you up and it isn’t fear that […]

7 Tips to Help You Meditate (And Be in the World with Greater Ease).

Do you have difficulty meditating?

If you answered “yes” – I’m not surprised. Meditation is an advanced practice. It’s kind of like the black belt of the mindfulness world. And just like in Karate, it was designed as a level of practice only permitted for those who have put in the groundwork.
Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and […]

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