It goes without saying that stress impacts pretty much most humans to a certain degree. And it most definitely impacts those living in more westernized and industrialized places and spaces. If we aren’t careful, these stresses can accumulate and create what some call ‘toxicity’ with our body-mind interfaces, which can, if not worked with directly, lead to a whole host of other troubles (aka: chronic illness, auto-immune dysfunction, mental dis-ease, and addictions, just to name a few). 

There’s one specific group of people that get the brunt of extreme stress, not by living it per se, but vicariously, and those folks are the first responders, as well as those who work behind the scenes to dispatch them to people in need. 

Today’s video is directed at answering a specific question from a follower on how to de-stress effectively so as to not get traumatized as a 911 operator and police dispatcher, and holds important information for those not only in high-stress job environments, but also for the everyday human who is juggling, and handling, a lot. 

The bottom line for this piece of education is that it is not so much the type of stress we are put through and survive, but what we do with it. Click below to watch and learn.

My hunch is that you know of one person in your life (maybe even a couple or a dozen!) who’d benefit from today’s video. If you can think of someone, I’ll ask that you share this information with them, as it might provide some good nuggets for not only de-stressing, but preventing post-traumatic stress. 

Be well everyone!!

* * *

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