I’ll be the first to admit that this concept of ‘emotions being neutral by design’ took me the first half of my career (20+ years) to land on. But the more I sink into and see this concept in action, the more it makes perfect sense. 

In the most basic terms: our ability to have natural and biological emotions, that we as human mammals are born with, is never harmed. THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE. 

They are waiting for us to express, feel, and use. 

The bad scary stuff that we survive is what bleaches and anesthetizes our perception of them, or makes them seem too scary to feel, and it is my belief, and my experience, that it is our job to learn how to feel them safely and reorient to the healing life energy they bring.

Said another way: what is harmed is our physiology and our psyche, not our ability to have emotions. Our body is always experiencing that emotional reality, it’s just a question of – are we experiencing our body!?

The conditioning we’ve lived with, and the social engineering we’ve accepted for way too long, is keeping this immense amount of internal medicine from being used and expressed.  

Have a listen.