Two absolute truths when choosing a nervous system teacher or online program

2024-05-23T13:35:16-07:00Healing Trauma, Nervous System Health, Practitioners & Professionals|

Two absolute truths when it comes to choosing your nervous system teacher, plus some key differentiating factors that I believe set my 12-week nervous system rewire curriculum, aka: SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM)™ apart from other online nervous system courses: Absolute truth #1: Who is the teacher? One thing that is [...]

Why survival-based eating might be keeping you dysregulated, up at night, and irritable.

2024-04-20T18:28:10-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Practitioners & Professionals|

I’ve got a very special treat for you today—an expert guest interview with Jessica Ash. She’s a Functional Nutritionist and self-proclaimed “hormone nerd” who’s here to teach you how to use food to become FULLY NOURISHED.  I found her on Instagram less than a year ago, while working [...]

Healing our resistance to making money, exercising, & living in the matrix with Seth Lyon

2024-04-21T03:45:23-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle|

Today I have a very special guest, my husband and colleague Seth Lyon, for an important conversation about restoring nervous system regulation WHILE living in the matrix.  When we met, Seth had been living apart from society for about 13 years. He struggled with complex PTSD and, in [...]

Consistency, self-trust & knowing when to let go for living your best life

2024-04-21T15:19:31-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Practitioners & Professionals|

Are you interested in creating consistent vitality in your life?  I ask this because today I have a special guest who specializes in helping folks, typically women* in their forties and up, create more well-being through the power of consistent practices and various shifts in mindset and behaviour, [...]