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On Healing Toxic Shame

[The 1st image of me to the left is the subtle facial expressions of distaste; the image to the right is disgust which is the gateway emotion to healing toxic shame.] A lot of people want to know how we process and heal shame.  This is a MASSIVE topic [...]

I believe in the power of the person

Some concepts are tricky to explain. Especially when it comes to how the human system heals in miraculous ways. Anita Moorjani’s memoir, Dying To Be Me, is one account of a miraculous “cure” that science can’t explain (a fabulous book that I highly recommend!). Same with the many [...]

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How toxic shame creates the fallout we call depression

  I want to share something with you that often gets confused or misunderstood: The link between Depression and Shame. A few weeks back I was responding to a question in my Facebook community, Healthy Nervous System Revolution, and it had to do with the connections between shame and depression, and [...]

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This is the largest public health study you’ve probably never heard of

++ Promise me this one thing - that you’ll watch this video in the next 24 hours ++ . What is it? It’s a tribute to Dr. Vincent Felitti. He uncovered one of the most important findings in medical history: the link between early childhood adversity/abuse and chronic illness later [...]

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For us to heal, we must be willing to not fear, fear.

What gives a mother superhuman strength to lift a car off her child? It’s fear. Fear, as I explain in greater detail in this article, is a biological and survival necessity. The cascade of neurochemical reactions lets us know, at lightning speed, that something is not right. [...]

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How to live in these uncertain times

I’ve been loving the rich conversations happening over in my Facebook Community, Healthy Nervous System Revolution. And, with the increased reports of violence, hate and harm that have been peppering the airwaves, I wanted to share a long form comment I shared with my Facebook Community when someone asked this [...]

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