Why my students’ plants start thriving when they get regulated

2024-04-20T17:43:08-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

Many of the students going through my online courses report benefits—better health, stronger relationships, deeper sleep, greater focus, more energy, and greater connection to their life purpose.  And one that may come as a surprise…HEALTHIER HOUSEPLANTS.  As they do the work to heal trauma and restore regulation back [...]

Healing Sexual Trauma – A Somatic & Nervous System Approach

2024-04-20T18:04:15-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

A few years ago, I released an important special topic lecture that I’m re-sharing today—Healing Sexual Trauma (A Somatic & Nervous System Approach).  Because this topic is so broad (ranging from sexual abuse to surgical trauma involving the sex organs) and complex, this lecture landed for many.  After [...]

Disgust: The gateway emotion for healing toxic shame

2024-04-20T18:46:32-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

If you suffer from chronic illness or symptoms of the physical or mental variety, addictions, relationship troubles, negative thoughts or low self-worth… …it is very likely that you experienced TOXIC SHAME growing up.  Whether it was dosed out by parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, or society in general, you [...]

Healing our resistance to making money, exercising, & living in the matrix with Seth Lyon

2024-04-21T03:45:23-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle|

Today I have a very special guest, my husband and colleague Seth Lyon, for an important conversation about restoring nervous system regulation WHILE living in the matrix.  When we met, Seth had been living apart from society for about 13 years. He struggled with complex PTSD and, in [...]