For us to heal, we must be willing to not fear, fear.

What gives a mother superhuman strength to lift a car off her child? It’s fear. Fear, as I explain in greater detail in this article, is a biological and survival necessity. The cascade of neurochemical reactions lets us know, at lightning speed, that something is not right. [...]

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How To Live Longer with Less Sickness. PART 1: Stop Scaring Yourself!

I love learning. Last week I shared a success with you. A participant in one of my programs who improved her blood chemistry, decreased pain by 90% and reduced inflammation...all by focusing on one thing: reducing the over-activation of the autonomic nervous system. I want to dive further [...]

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Do you know what ‘Pay Dirt’ means?

. One of my students, Marva, who is in my 12-week nervous system rewire program, wrote a comment in our Facebook forum the other day, post-USA election results, and she gave me permission to share it! (Thank you, Marva!) What I love about this comment is two-fold: 1 - I [...]

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Why post-traumatic stress and chronic pain lands in some people, and not others.

. Imagine you have two people who both get into an identical, and minor, fender bender (car accident). >> Person A walks away with zero post-traumatic stress - no chronic pain, no lasting whiplash, no fear to drive and get back behind the wheel. They go back to their life [...]

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This is an important dose of medicine… You in?

The medicine I’m talking about? Feeling. And by feeling, I don't just mean emotions. I mean being able to really FEEL your body, your sensations, your insides: what your biology is up to. So many folks are trying to shift, transform and change their stuff -- their harmful [...]

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Trauma is Untapped Resource

When you have old, stuck junk and toxic waste sitting in your cells, left over from not-so-fun events from your past, your energy, YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGY, is put in a holding tank. This can leave you sick, unmotivated, full of resistance, anxious, depressed, unfulfilled, lacking [...]

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