Seth Lyon

Why meditating & cold plunging in paradise won’t heal your trauma

2024-04-20T17:18:02-07:00Spirituality & Somatic Bypass|

Today I’m re-sharing one of my all-time favourite nervous system healing success stories, featuring my husband and colleague, Seth Lyon.  “Why meditating & cold plunging in paradise won’t heal your trauma.”  (We gave it this title because that is exactly what Seth attempted to do.) After a traumatizing [...]

Healing our resistance to making money, exercising, & living in the matrix with Seth Lyon

2024-04-21T03:45:23-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle|

Today I have a very special guest, my husband and colleague Seth Lyon, for an important conversation about restoring nervous system regulation WHILE living in the matrix.  When we met, Seth had been living apart from society for about 13 years. He struggled with complex PTSD and, in [...]

Aging and Posture. Is it simply a function of FUNCTION? Here’s a great example that would say “Oh Yah!”

2024-04-26T22:27:34-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Movement. Awareness., Unabriged Musings: Anecdotes from personal life|

Check this out! Here are some striking before and after pictures of my hubby Seth. Today he was putting together an iMovie slideshow from his "lost years" and I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw this shot of him. This photo, just below, is from about nine years [...]

My year of heaven, hell and healing. What I’m certain of as I roll into 2012.

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In July 2010 I decided to leave Whistler for a six month hiatus. I drove many many miles in my trusty station wagon. I visited many great friends and colleagues. I followed my gut. My instincts led me. It was glorious. During the tail end of the trip I [...]