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The connections between jaw tension, teeth grinding and stored survival stress

2024-04-21T15:12:10-07:00Pain & Chronic Illness, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

Today I have some NEW learning for you on a topic that keeps coming up—teeth grinding and pain in the jaw and upper neck.  For some folks, this can be traced back to old dental trauma. For others, it’s a buildup of stress from the daily grind (pun [...]

How toxic shame creates the fallout we call depression

2024-04-29T15:15:50-07:00Nervous System Health, Parenting & Child Development|

I want to share something with you that often gets confused or misunderstood: The link between Depression and Shame. A few weeks back I was responding to a question in my Facebook community, Healthy Nervous System Revolution, and it had to do with the connections between shame and depression, and [...]

This is the largest public health study you’ve probably never heard of

2024-04-26T19:17:05-07:00Nervous System Health, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

++ Promise me this one thing - that you’ll watch this video in the next 24 hours ++ . What is it? It’s a tribute to Dr. Vincent Felitti. He uncovered one of the most important findings in medical history: the link between early childhood adversity/abuse and chronic illness [...]